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start using Product Hunt Makers

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@pregenun What are your first impressions?
@abadesi It's a wonderful tool for keeping yourself motivated for new projects and holding on to your deadline because of the supportive community. I don't have any advise, the only feature I can think of is a deadline for every goal with a notification for when the time is almost over so you gotta stick on your deadline. Thanks for working on Makers btw!
@pregenun Thanks for your feedback and for being a part of the community, I know @sysywarren and @ayrton will be adding a deadline ASAP!
@pregenun you did it!
@rrhoover LMAO, never thought you would respond, I want to thank you for setting up this amazing community of hunters and makers together with your team. Product Hunt is amazing!
@pregenun haha, thanks :)