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launch the private beta (mvp)

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@philippe_lauzon curious to know what it is...
@jovisjoseph my partner and I are building a sales companion(assistant) for representatives in the B2B world. Its basic feature and UX for now but it will evolve overtime. We have 2 modules ready. The 1st one is to generate insights on current deals based on rules like no activity in the last x days, aging of deals... And the 2nd feature is on piprline management based on targets, conversion rate. We currently integrate with hubspot ans salesforce. 🙂
@philippe_lauzon Sounds really interesting. And i really back the idea of starting small. Not that relatable to your product still, we tried to use multiple crm for just tracking conversations and status of each clients and most of the products available has too many features and at the end of the day totally unusable. So starting small and nailing UX of each along the way is the right way to do it i guess
@jovisjoseph That's what we firmly believe. We will figure out UX and other stuff along the way and focus on working with user on feature development. making sure the core is there and then make it nice :)