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Look for an esport community of entrepreneurs!

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@orliesaurus this might be a good topic for a future Maker Space 🤔
@rrhoover what's a maker space?
@guillaumebardet oh is that what you call it!! Haha
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@orliesaurus they're similar to groups. :)
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@orliesaurus I have a friend who manages an esport team - are you looking for an online community or something local? Let me know and I can ask him if he knows of any.
@anthilemoon either are fine! thank you - that would be great :)
@orliesaurus Cool! Will ask and DM you :)
@anthilemoon did you have any chance to ask?
@orliesaurus that sounds pretty cool, let us know what you find if possible! :)
@guillaumebardet I will, if not I will have to start one - I have a 1000+ people in my contact list who were signed up to one a few years back and might join if something new appears!
@orliesaurus Thank you, hopefully you will find something! If not, that could be a good way to start one.