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[Personal] Don't eat bread and monitor

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@originalmothra I've been doing this every other week now. The hard bit is that alternatives take more time/effort.
@ayrton (I just realised it looks like I'm saying 'don't eat a monitor') But yes, it looks like something in bread is making me not feel very well and all sleepy, so I just figured I should cut everything for a while. BUT in the long run I will have to think of alternatives. (I love bread so much though, maybe the sleepiness is worth it?)
@originalmothra have you tried experimenting with different types of bread? Some contain a lot more sugar than others. If you're looking for high protein bread you may want to have a look at Powerseed or Oroweat.
@originalmothra What's your goal in doing this? I don't eat bread either, I don't do carbs (except for veggies)
@syswarren I have realised lately that every time I eat bread, dough (or anything with flour?) I feel sleepy afterwards and my lower belly gets all noisy. I want to stop eating it for a while to see if something in bread bothers me or it's just how my system works.
@syswarren Not so much no (maybe just my feelings by the comments of everyone around me making fun of me and calling me 'fartypants')