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Finish reading "The Bonehunters" by Steven Erikson

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@nuno_daniel Nice goal! How's the book for you so far? :)
@whizzzoe Amazing. Loving "The Malazan Book of the Fallen". Haven't tried Esslemont's yet, I'll leave it for when I'm finished. But yes, loving it! Have you read them?
@nuno_daniel That's great to hear Nuno! I haven't yet. I find myself more of a non-fiction book person haha. Recently reading a book about productivity - Smarter Faster Better. Let me know if you're on GoodReads, would like to check out your book list!
@whizzzoe Fiction is kind of my thing haha. I'm not on GoodReads actually but when I do get into it I'll let you know. Probably will have to start reading more on productivity too.
@nuno_daniel Yeah sure! I'm glad to know another reader today Nuno 😄