Crystal Nguyen
Crystal Nguyen@noodleputer · Lead Product Designer at Weedmaps

Find my first paying client for photography in the next 14 days (2 weeks, April 9).

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@noodleputer great goal! What kind of photography do you do? Any work online you've shared?
@rrhoover Thank you. Right now I shoot portraits which consist of people, couples, and pet owners. The second style I shoot is food! Currently I have an instagram where I post a variety of photos I take. I've been doing free photoshoots with friends to have images on hand and to prepare for a quick site on SquareSpace. =)
@rrhoover @noodleputer What's your instagram handle? I'd love to follow 📸
@noodleputer Good luck! Are there any specific areas you're looking for clients in?
@anderson760 Thank you! Right now I'm starting simple and small. I'm aiming towards friends of friends. The word of mouth will help since I've been doing free shoots with 1st connection friends, it's the 2nd connection or 3rd connection of friends I'm going for.
@noodleputer Awesome, would love to hear how it goes
@noodleputer How exciting! I know you mentioned you're going for people within your network, I found with my first business that the sales cycle was far more predictable when I focused on B2B you might find a similar trend with your work. I recommend sharing your services on online networks, too to get more exposure.
@abadesi Thank you for your input! My Instagram handle is Noodleputernguyen . Coincidentally, I had a previous co-worker reach out to me to discuss potential photography needs for the magazine she is now editor of. I look forward to speaking with her Monday.
@noodleputer Just followed 🙂 great news on the potential magazine job, be sure to collect testimonials from clients that you can share on your website to help win more work, that has always helped me.