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πŸ“¬ Import Press lists to Notion

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@noemistauffer you're using Notion as a CRM? Interesting. Last night I played around with Folk, which might be the closest thing to what I've been searching for.
@rrhoover Yes, I'm considering it – I saw that Notion has a template for "lightweight CRM", which also looks perfect for press lists. Great suggestion, I had a quick look at Folk, but it seems a bit heavyweight for my needs at the moment, I'd rather use something very simple like a Notion table. Will consider it when I have a huge network like yours, though 😁
@noemistauffer @rrhoover I just installed Folk after seeing your message and the first impressions are really good. It also looks like what I need. I might switch from Airtable and finally update my CRMπŸ˜„
@mrcalexandre nice! Curious to get your perspective after a week or so of using it.
@rrhoover Definitely! I will share my perspective after using it for some time. I would also like to know what you think of it after some time.