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@noahmakes what your website's about?
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@souhailmerroun Hey Souhail! I'll be making, which will feature a new maker each week, based on their success/inspiration to other makers over a week period
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@souhailmerroun @noahmakes Let me know if you need help with this! I know plenty of makers who would be deserving of a spotlight feature.
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@souhailmerroun @jamesstewart Thanks James! I really appreciate that-I have the first maker ready, and plan on having the next ones crowdsources (take submissions), and maybe eventually voted on via twitter. You're welcome to go ahead and submit them if you want, or wait until the site is officially launched! (the link at the top of
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@souhailmerroun @noahmakes That sounds great! Let me know when you launch your first post and I would be happy to read it over!
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