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Prepare 2 launches for 2 different product

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@nickyborry What are you launching?
@jordieiam I have to launch a Lead management tool, web app / on the other hand a mobile application for pet owners ! Eclectic environment 😉
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@nickyborry Sounds intense! Good luck with it all!
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@nickyborry are you working on multiple projects at the same time?
@souhailmerroun Yes I'm the co founder of a mobile app build pet owners, still in construction (few weeks left) I would like to use ship for this one. And I'm the growth Hacker of a SaaS lead management application, need to make the launch this month.
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@nickyborry really cool. good luck!
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@souhailmerroun Thanks a lot, I will let you know when it's pop out in order to give me your thoughts 😄
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@nickyborry yeah of course, with pleasure.