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👀 another project ?! You're one of the busiest founders I know 😄 @nicholassheriff
@abadesi Haha it's actually something we worked on last year called recall and scrapped the project to refocus more on edu. But we're incorporating a new holding co to house these projects outside of Mathew our edu arm. We're circling back to offer something truly innovative to the 800 million people globally suffering from non-celiac gluten sensitivity which is actually has less to do with gluten and more to do with a carb called fructan. Literally the "gluten free" standard is not scientifically sound as that's tailoring to the 1% of people who actually have celiac disease and not just in the us 140 million around 40% of people who have some kind of digestion issues they feel is related to gluten, but in reality it's actually caused by a fructan intolerance. That's where the madness actually begins because it means you need to avoid things like Garlic, and Apples lol but it also not that simply it's not full avoidance it's actually moderation for the rest of your life. Books aren't the answer a book can't tell you how to keep track and calculate your fructose and glucose ration per meal tied to what ingredients your shopping for right now you'd go mad. But an app can! So our mvp is launching soon but the long term commitment/vision is pretty big for one re educating the public that what they learned/taught about avoiding gluten is actually incorrect, scientists have proven this now. The retail industry just jumped on this like they did saying toys are "all natrual" because it's profitable to the tune of billions, so we can't wait for a system that doesn't care about our health and well being to change we ned to arm people with empowerment and a super human ability to have peace of mind and life a healthy life. It doesn't hurt that my fiancé is suffering from this disease for years now and even avoiding gluten hasn't helped her due to digesting fructan consistently and using myfitness pal which is so stupid for anyone who needs a more intelligent and personalized approach to their nutrition. once we do this we're jumping on food recalling it's basically going to be a platform to help you really stay safe and healthy if you are a human eating food regardless of what disease you suffer from but we're tackling non-celiac gluten sensitivity first because it's a massive problem and those people actually actively monitor food recalls already at a much higher level then the average public.