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Launching Nomadwallet app on PH

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@nhuphan0404 Sounds interesting! What is this about Winnie?
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@preetesh_jain hey, thank you for asking! 😃 it is the travel expense track app, designed for people who travel a lot, as it supports multi-currencies per trip. For example: your home currency is usd $, and currently travel to S.Korea (W), and during Korea trip you pay for some service in singapore (sgd$). the expenses will be input by local currencies (korean W, and sgd$...) and all convert to home currency (usd$). to give you the broad view of what you are spending for. nomadwallet app also supports the receipt/bill photos snap for paperless travelling. it only supports ios users at the moment, if you have iphone, can try it out here 👉 Any other questions, feel free to ask. 🙌🙌
@nhuphan0404 Really cool. Something I would definitely try in future. Wishing you the best!
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@nhuphan0404 Congratulations! I will have to wait for the android version though.
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@nhuphan0404 Good luck with the launch 😄
@isabelcmdcosta hi thanks! planning to launch this friday :) , hey you are in WomanMake :D
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@nhuphan0404 Yes I am ;) I'm bit quiet there but I try to support all members of it! You're all such an inspiration for me to start building things, I already started planning.
We are late, but yeah we are going to launch in the next few hours. Friday launching will be very nice! Can't wait to know what people think about the app 🐱
Yes #wedidit launched on PH today.
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@nhuphan0404 Good luck! Cool idea. Upvoted 😄
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@hanna_zenkova thank you so much <3, feedbacks on NomadWallet are welcome too :)