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💪Workout 2x/week - Month 2

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@mrcalexandre key for me is convenience. It's hard to keep up a routine if the gym or wherever you workout is far away.
@rrhoover Exactly! I couldn't agree more. That's the reason why I am doing my workout at home. I can do it whenever I want, I can shower right after, when I come home I can still do my workout,... Convenience is I think something that must be a priority if you find it hard to create a habit.
@mrcalexandre What does your routine feel like? How do you feel compared to prior to 2 months ago?
@kschmidtdev Right now, my routine is mostly this one. On Monday, when I come home after college at 6 pm, I do my workout. For the 2nd workout, I tried to do it on Thursday afternoon but sometimes did it days after. The goal is 2 workouts each week. I am now on holidays since Thursday so I am going to create my workout schedule for the next weeks. Here is my workout routine : Warm-up : high stepping - heel shin and 2 others exercises I don't know how to translate in English 😅 1st part: Pushups - Dips - Squats - lungs 2nd part: abs exercises and then to finish plank I do the warmup, 1st and 2nd parts 2 times. And then I finish with some stretching. It will be 2 months next week. Right now, I don't see a huge improvement. it's more about several small improvements. Doing exercise and workouts especially is not something I particularly loved but now it's not a problem for me to do my workout. I think I finally create a habit. Physically I didn't see changes in my body. I think I improved my stamina, I realized that during a paintball afternoon I did a couple weeks ago.
@mrcalexandre Sounds great, very glad to hear it is feeling like an established habit!