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Help 10 startups from L39 get their brand identity

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@mozgovoy_anton Very interesting! Is this this job role, or something you're just doing?
@jordieiam Hey Jordie. We have a design agency - Logotect that focuses on working with startups. Time to time we also do different giveaways, where we help new startups get their brand identity either with a massive discount or basically for free. As a matter of Christmas coming up, we want to help 10 startups get their identity for free. As to why is it so important? We wrote an article explaining that - (please feel free to give it a glimpse whenever you have time). Thanks a lot for your interest!
@mozgovoy_anton this looks great! I run a fintech startup, Cashmere and would love to connect :)
@mozgovoy_anton I'm interested - how do I apply?