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💪Work out everyday for a month (started from Aug. 6th)

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@mmarissahuang I should set an objective like this myself, but weekly. I just tend to get lazy... Haha
@tcodinat Starting from 3 times/week maybe? 😉
@mmarissahuang Yeah, probably. I used to go running that often before, but I lost the habit.
@mmarissahuang @tcodinat I joined a badminton club month ago. It really works for me coz of a team thingy. You folks can try something similar if you lose motivation :)
@tcodinat I actually rotate exercises in this plan. I ran yesterday, and the day before yesterday I did indoor workout. I run for dopamine, which boost my productivity obviously haha.
@sivaram636 Good suggestion. Also highly recommend you guys check this youtube channel out. You can choose light or intense workouts. I've sticked to those videos for years and they are amazing!