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📚Curious on your thoughts on this: 1. How do you find new books to read? 2. Think about the best/most inspiring book(s) you've read - how did you find it?

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@miles_scherrer For me - and not surprisingly - what other people recommend. Most of my recent books have coming from listening to podcasts and then reading any books that either the guest or the host would highly recommend.
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@kevinguebert Cool! So when you get a book recommendation, what do you do?
@miles_scherrer I would say most times, I go to the library and put a request in for the book. That is the most effective way for me to do it. I tried a trello board but lost track of that, but if I ever need to remember the book and not request it, I have a list in Wunderlist I add on to.
@kevinguebert Thanks again for sharing! Did you ever try Goodreads or something similar and if so, how come you did not stick to it?
@miles_scherrer I never really tried goodreads. I did try some of the newer book apps on producthunt recently though - shelftaught and some others. I think I stopped using them because there wasn't much of an incentive to keep it up and, to be honest, I don't read _that_ often. I may finish one book a week or every 3 weeks, so it doesn't require me to go on the site...and then I forget about it. If I ever do need a new book and don't have one in my backlog, I usually just go to those lists like "Bill Gates books of 2018" or "Elon Musk's Must Reads."
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@kevinguebert Very interesting! Aiming for the ease of Wunderlist and more relevant user rewards for keeping up :)
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@miles_scherrer btw I’d suggest splitting a longer question like this into two goals in future... our UI doesn’t be lend itself to long goals. I find new books based on recommendations and themes of interest, and it’s how I’ve found my faves books 😊
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@abadesi Thanks! 😊Yeah you are right, maybe you could even put a character limit there?