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Meditate every day

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@michael_hirst how long have you been able to keep this up? I failed not too long at this unfortunately :(
@ayrton I just get to work early and block off 10mins a day. I use Insight Timer, which is a great app I would recommend. It tracks your progress and has great guided meditations. Keep at it! It's a real breakthrough for me personally.
@ayrton I also stopped beating myself up for slipping once in a while. Being kind to yourself. A thought here and there while meditating or missing a day is OK!
@michael_hirst Since I started with this as a goal a few months ago can say my health has improved so much - less stress, better focus, and I sleep better
@michael_hirst Do you do guided meditation or unguided? or both?
@abadesi unguided for a few years now, but to get started it was very helpful!