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Read 3 books in January

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@mellowbeing what are these books and what is your strategy about reading?
@souhailmerroun I'm dedicating at least 30 minutes a day to reading. so far, I have "My Brilliant Friend" and "One Page Business Plan" on my list. Waiting on library queue!
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@mellowbeing looks cool. Do you have a special strategy to ensure that you are applying knowledge acquired? like some taking notes thing or reviews etc...
@souhailmerroun I wouldn't call it a special strategy. I have a notebook where I jot down all my business related notes from books, webinars, articles, etc. I go through it every so often and it's a good reference. What're you reading this month?
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@mellowbeing sounds nice. I'm not a really big fan of reading books on a regular basis. What I do is when I have a problem and I notice that a book can help me solve it, I read that book intensively. I also use as my knowledge base where I save everything learned as notes. Finally, I have a routine of reviewing all my notes everyday after lunch but not all at the same time. Everyday is for a specific note.
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