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Finish reading Makebook by @levelsio

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@mdnahom What is your overall thought on this? What did you learn with it? (I don't know if I should read it 😊)
@satwaya @rrhoover TL;DR It's worth the money! The book covers the process of bootstrapping a (tech) product from beginning to end. It includes how to come up with an idea, validation, building, launching, growing, monetizing, and even automation. I don't usually read self-help or business books because they tend to be vague (for my taste) and over generalize. But Pieter used his "no-bullshit-approach" to cram so much information in just ~200 pages. He shares the techniques he used to build his successful websites. The other thing I liked is the homework exercises at the end of each chapter (stage). As an indie maker, I realized I can build a successful company without raising investor money. The lack of investors or tons of capital can be an advantage in this age. The Internet is a great equalizer.
@mdnahom wow, I didn't realize this was 200 pages! Thanks for the quick overview.
@mdnahom thanks for your point of view, I think I'm gonna buy it. I love his content in general, hope the book goes deeper!