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Launch @willthishappen twitter AI bot

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@maxbeech This sounds super interesting! For sure going to subscribe to your journey
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@raphael_allstadt ah thanks a ton Raphael! Super appreciate it. Your project sounds super interesting too - do you have a link for it yet?
@maxbeech Yeah! Let's stay in touch for sure. Thank you for having a look at our project as well! Yeah try it out on mobile here: and let me know what you think! :-)
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@raphael_allstadt ahh mate that's looking really cool! Fantastic stuff. Great idea to integrate with other video providers at least initially. Perhaps you could release a chrome extension which would alter YouTube's layout to make comments like SoundCloud to help early adoption.
@maxbeech Max, this is on the radar for sure! In terms of accessibility this will be significantly tougher to scale though.. That's why we focus - for now - on cross-platform integration, e.g. the connection between YouTube & Instagram :-) Have a great easter!
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@raphael_allstadt Yeah that makes a lot of sense Raphael. Cheers you too!
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