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­čôžEvaluate PostMark to possibly switch from MailGun

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@mastef Are you having trouble with MailGun?/What's the reasoning for switching? I'm going to be looking into email services soon, so interested to hear what others say
@kevinguebert I'm running into deliverability issues due to the shared sender IPs sometimes appearing on spam lists. It might be related to the mail services with freemium tiers attracting more bad players. And switching to a dedicated IP immediately jumps up the prices from $0 to somewhere at $99ish. Which I guess is fine price wise, but there still seem to be issues with Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook servers. Still investigating.
@kevinguebert So if you run a forum and don't care so much about sometimes ending up in junk, I guess that's fine. But if you have high quality transactional emails that go out to leads or other important people, then deliverability is more crucial.
@mastef Thanks for the run down! Those are all things to keep in mind - especially the junk mailbox portion. That last thing you want to do for a potential client is say "check your spam folder."