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Trying to learn some Python... It's crazy...

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@luisdobreira are you taking an online course or reading, watching free tutorials?
@luisdobreira @feriforgacs Youtube, Google Search and Udemy Courses. Do you have any recommendations?
@luisdobreira I don't have an exact course to recommend, but what I noticed in the past few months while I was learning new things is that most of the tutorials I found weren't really great at talking about the "whys", they just showed the solution for a specific problem. (write this code, change this thing, etc) This didn't really help me to better understand the whole thing. Maybe I didn't find the right tutorials. So I ended up taking full courses, even though they took much longer.
@feriforgacs What was your most helpful/favorite course?
@luisdobreira it's not gonna help in your case, but I really liked the tutorials of Wes Bos.
Thanks @feriforgacs I will give a look! I really need to improve my limited coding skills.