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Build events on Applytodate

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@lucy_guo What kind of events? Also, Applytodate is such a cool concept.
@lucy_guo @syswarren cc'ing myself on this thread. 😊 FWIW, we've found Facebook Events to be the best place to an event page for large gatherings vs. platforms like Eventbrite. It's easier to invite friends on Facebook and has the potential to drive a lot of discovery within the feed.
@syswarren @rrhoover 1 on 1 date events! You can create dates people can apply to go on with you - anything from working out to formals! :) So doesn't compete with Eventbrite or Facebook!
@lucy_guo that's a great idea. 🙌🏻
@lucy_guo @aleks_muse just when I thought the core product couldn't get any better 🔥