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Daily UI Challenge

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@lin_zagorski Doing this for practice or for your portfolio?
@syswarren Both! I think it will be fun to post them in a separate section in my portfolio, but it's also good practice since most of my UI design work is for enterprise applications, and Daily UI has a lot of consumer product related challenges.
@syswarren @lin_zagorski such a great challenge for upping your skills
@lin_zagorski Sounds pretty cool, curious to know more about it as well. Is it a personal challenge or for a competition of some sort?
@guillaumebardet I'm using a newsletter that sends you a challenge every weekday for a 100 days. The prompts are brief and very open-ended, and don't include a lot of context. I think that frees you up to focus on aesthetics and have fun!
@guillaumebardet @lin_zagorski neat idea thanks or sharing
@lin_zagorski That's quite interesting, thank you for sharing that. I saved it to look into it another time. :)
@lin_zagorski happy to hear about the self-improvement, do you do any particular challenge or random different tasks?
@lin_zagorski cool, my gf uses @hvost's exercises and he have recently written a book that really helps. btw, I'm not really deep in that but she says that it is more focused UI/UX job application