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@leemartin what is this about? I love the Foo Fighters 😄
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@ayrton Hey Ayrton! I do a lot of work for Foo's as a freelancer but this particular project was conceptualized as a simple experiment to test out some scalable video rendering. I'm doing it with the help of Intel and DataClay. More soon! 🙏🏻
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@ayrton @leemartin Wait what? You work for the Foo Fighters? That's so cool. Guess the "Final Boss" bio is super accurate. Favorite band ever.
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@ayrton @syswarren of course! They're awesome and willing to experiment. I'm super lucky when I get a chance to work with them. Keep an eye out for awesome new developments. 👀 In the meantime, you might find this interesting: https://framer.com/blog/posts/me...
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@syswarren @leemartin wow I'm impressed 😮🔥
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Our curiosity is starting to get the best of us @leemartin. Wishing you the best with this project, and all future projects with them!
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@guillaumebardet Cheers Guillaume! I would keep an eye out on Dave's #Play project first as that will be the first to launch. Currently developing 😬 https://play.foofighters.com
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Nice, will do @leemartin! Did you make the mixtape page? It seems really cool! https://mixtape.foofighters.com
@guillaumebardet I believe that project was handled by Spotify and a 3rd party but I can't remember which one. I actually submitted our last major project together to Product Hunt 🤗https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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Thank you for clarifying @leemartin, I just checked it out. Unfortunately, it is under maintenance but it seems like a clever idea :)
@guillaumebardet ah yes, these things tend to have short lifespans but it is on my Heroku somewhere...
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