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✅ More green squares on GitHub

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@keziahmoselle I need to do this too! Have you tried any of these challenges to help?
@claire_sinozich I did not, I just finished this yesterday :, I don't think I will retry something like that because i'm too afraid to lose a day, I just want to be consistent (basically avoid the "6 month without coding" because it was the case in 2018 😟) Have fun and go paint in green o/ (also sorry for my english level, i'm not native)
@keziahmoselle I haven't tried that! Are you going to work on a big project to try and get those green squares? (No worries about the English - ma français n'est pas trés bon non plus!)
@claire_sinozich I don't know yet, I have a lot of ideas but not much time because of school haha ! Thank's haha, French is a quite hard language and you only did two mistakes ! "mon français"* and "très"* Are you currently learning French ?
@keziahmoselle See? No worries about the English! I'm a little better at spoken French than written - I took classes for a long time and I've been to France a few times, but it's not great apparently!
@claire_sinozich I see ! It doesn't need to be perfect 😄
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@keziahmoselle Just do it! be crazy like me :)
@arthur_tkachenko I'm really impressed ! 6327 contributions and it's green everywhere ! Congrat's ! Thank's !