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🐜Learn about Ant design

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@kevinguebert what is ant design? 🤔
@cedricamaya Check it out here: I've been trying to expand my design knowledge, my go to is usually Bootstrap (I'm a developer...), so I've been debating changing it up. Dropbox uses some of the same ideas, but it comes from the same team that design Alibaba (I think it's alibaba)
@kevinguebert @amrith same! Like you Kevin, I have my go-to (I use Bulma for *everything*) but something like Ant Design seems like a nice bridge for us developers who want to take that step towards design. Cool stuff!
@amrith @cedricamaya Oh nice! I hadn't heard of Bulma before, that's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. But yeah, I'm definitely not a designer and haven't quite gotten to the point where my site can afford one yet, so design systems like Ant can really help out until I can afford a one!