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Create YC census MVP

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@amrith Yes, but deeper. Let's compare respective entries for Twitch On the surface, it might seem that ycdb has more data... until you realize that YCDB just has company data. YCDB doesn't have much on either people or products. For the YC Census with just people (e.g., you can see what they worked on before & after YC, who they worked with, and even what tools they used. With products you can see what it's built on, who made it, and versions. With orgs, such as Twitch, you can see its history - It's closer to IMDB than snappr's YCDB, but that's really just a summary of the platform that YC census will be using: TheyMadeThat . The YC Census UI will naturally be more YC centric i.e. organizing companies by year and season and most importantly aggregating available YC member stats (e.g. schools, genders, most popular employers, age, etc...) I should post this on Ship