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Design next newsletter for e-mail list and send out

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@karenjaw What's the newsletter about?
@syswarren It's my main channel for keeping my e-mail list updated with my activities: blog posts, articles and podcasts featuring my book (I'm in the middle of a book launch), commentary, whatever's on my mind. I've toyed with different formats to increase engagement, but still learning!
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@syswarren @karenjaw Hope your book launch is going well. Best wishes from me
@syswarren @prashantbuddy Thanks so much! That too has been a learning process. Not just competing for readings, but competing for attention. I could use all the help I can get to spread the word!
@prashantbuddy @karenjaw Nice! I'd be happy to share about your book on Twitter if that can help
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@prashantbuddy @syswarren That would be very much appreciated! Feel free to RT the pinned post on my page @karenjaw