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@karenjaw I've taken this quiz, and first of all, it's really 2-minute, as you said. Very good! It's also very clear and made me think sometimes 😃 I was a little bit confused about many similar options for some questions. Maybe if you want a more accurate answer you might consider 1-10 scale. Also, I didn't notice my result at once and needed to scroll up and down again to compare with the key. Maybe it makes sense to put them closer or just show "Toxic", "Top results" instead of numbers. I had a good result! 😉
@nealbeat Thank you so much! So glad you enjoyed it. It wasn't intended to be a full-scale survey but a thought starter, which it sounds like it achieved with you. Technically not perfect on the website, but I can't afford a web developer myself so I used an app that provided code. I have a meeting with them next week to give them feedback on some of the mechanics (like the size of the final score and the need to scroll down). Curious what attracted you to this request? :)
@karenjaw then everything is good :) I love good team culture, and also the product I am working on is gonna lead to better engineering culture (a little different topic though). Anyway, helping from the community is very important. So hope that helped :)
Update: the call with Interact went well! We were able to make improvements on the design and it works much better now. :)