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Create MVP landing page

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@johnjoubert What's the app?
@harowitzblack @abadesi basically, the idea is a customer service portal as a service, for anyone building a no code startup. For example, you're setting up your MVP and are using Stripe to accept payments as well as various other services to make your MVP then plug in my product and immediately have a place for customers to login to and manage their account, cancel the service, change their records, etc. The idea came from a problem I had a while back when testing out an MVP. I was trying to hack something together with WooCommerce + Stripe at the time, and just wished I could plug in a simple customer area instead of using something like WooCommerce or Shopify. I also didn't want to use any of the (many) membership type tools out there (Memberful, etc.)
@harowitzblack @abadesi @johnjoubert sounds pretty cool. options for support/CS ticketing as well?
@johnjoubert Nice! Feel free to share when you're ready if you'd like to get feedback.
@anthilemoon thanks! Will do 👍