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Find a hunter for my Product Hunt launch of isthemovielikethebook.com

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@jillbinder Are you sure you need a hunter, like everybody has the same chance if you post at the beginning of the day 🤔
@satwaya Hmm, I'm not sure! I only just learned about this concept and thought it sounded like a good idea as someone without a large network yet to leverage someone's credibility and larger network...
@jillbinder I get it, more people will be notified but I don’t upvote because I follow the hunter but because I see the product on the homepage and it looks cool. Would be happy to learn about others opinion and how they are influenced :)
@jillbinder You don't need to be hunted by someone else. :) Also, maybe you want to wait until you have a few more movies on the website before getting hunted? (or not, you could also see it as a way to get more contributors)