Jessica Frech Knowles
Jessica Frech Knowles@jessicafrech · product designer @ pluralsight

Redesign pitch deck with new branding

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@jessicafrech how exciting! are you working with a designer or DIY? 🎨
@abadesi DIY because of that bootstrap model. hehe 💕here's a peak:
@jessicafrech awesome @fanahova and @rrhoover are in the VC game, maybe they can share feedback on the content 😄
@abadesi @jessicafrech I'm waiting for a concert right now so can't type much, but would love to give you some feedback and help with anything you might need. We are thinking about building a program to help early stage women founders; still early but I'd be happy to stay in touch anyway. My email is
@abadesi @645ventures @fanahova I'll shoot ya a message! Thanks SO much for reaching out Alessio!