Jane Anne Sorensen
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An app that integrates your calendar, to-do-list, journalling, and weather

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@bsamel I know, eh? And the thing is, I want this app to be like an interface wrapper that sends their entries back to their preferred apps. So if you make an appt in it, it goes to Calendar. If you do a Todo, it goes to Reminders, or Todoist, or whatev matches the protocol. Journalling goes to a super-simple dated writing app like Bear, or Notes if need be. But the person (user) does it all their thinking-thinking within one app because context switching is a PITA. And this app is for people who would not return to paper for thinking/planning anything.
@janerette sounds like something Zapier could help you with : https://zapier.com/
@bsamel I just started with Zapier w/ my own marketing stuff. I was wondering the same thing!