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@hypervillain this is pretty cool! Reminds me of PH's Sip too
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@kevinguebert Definitely! Allowing companies and agencies to create their own Sip is one of its possible goals
@hypervillain what other use cases did you have in mind?
@kevinguebert Originally, I'd be selling an API and a library which allow anyone to embed stories on their own website and I would sell them through a SaaS platform. This is the point I'm concerned with: although both the JS library and the API are developed, the kit is becoming too hard to manage for myself. I think I'll focus on creating custom instances of the platform for agencies and then start from there. Does it make any sense?
@hypervillain I think it all made sense until the custom instances part. What about it is making it hard to manage though?
@kevinguebert Custom instances *sounds* like a lot more work indeed. But it would be dedicated to features rather than automation. Which is good right? Plus I would get closer to my clients and charge manually.. Great job on Harvy's landing page btw!
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