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@hpw Great effort! Which languages/framework are you currently using to build the site?
@whizzzoe Thank you. I am just using HTML CSS and Javascript. I started coding by doing 10 minutes here and there on apps like SoloLearn & Mimo. That gave me the foundations. Now I just Google whatever I need to do next. Codepen is great for finding examples too. It's so satisfying actually building something!
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@hpw That's great to hear! I agree using Google and use what you already know is the best. A software engineer once told me avoid learning courses, build something to solve a problem first. Learn by building products. That way we will learn faster. Can't wait to see you launching your site!
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@hpw great goal! do you know what your website will be about?
@alexfilatov Thanks Alex. I'm going to create a curated collection of (only the best) user experience design resources, categorised by each stage of the UX process. Something nice and simple to get me started! Shotybot looks awesome, looks like you have a great niche!
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@hpw thanks! that will be very useful resource of yours! 😉