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Create Ship Landing Page

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@helen_yuan nice site! Love the value prop comparison of the traditional supply chain vs yours - just a thought as a user would be to see how that actually results in cost savings visually! hope I'm not being intrusive, but since you're creating a ship landing page I'm sure you're also looking for product feedback. I just launched a service that for $12 lets you ask 100 people a question for makers to validate market assumptions and find their first adopters. E.g. in your case you could ask "if we could ship a premium luggage quality to you for 30% cheaper but you wouldn't get to see it in a retail store would you buy it?" and see if it's mostly stay at home parents that would say yes. Anyway, just thought it might help! If you do end up giving it a shot let me know, if you're not 110% happy with the results I'm more than happy to refund you just so I can get feedback on how to improve! Wishing you great things, Chris