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Write copy for 'Goals' 🧠Do you track progress towards your goals?

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@georgall that's the spirit! Is it work related goals or do you track your daily routines as well? Like getting 8 hours of sleep every night, weekly exercise goals, etc. 🧐
@georgall @gabriele_jusaityte It starts with vision setting which leads to backward goal planning which leads to daily activities to meet those goals. In order to be able to best approximate my goal timelines (and avoid unwarranted stress), I track everything I do in a day/week including meals, exercise, reading etc. I have a point system that I work with where a necessity such as taking a shower or having lunch is ranked at 1 point if completed or -1 if not completed. Goal activities are assigned different points based on their 'value' and a penalty is assessed if they are rescheduled.
@georgall This is impressive! You mentioned a point system, I assume there is a target amount of points for a day or a week? And what about those penalties? Do you feel that sense of failure adds extra motivation or this is mainly for self-assessment?
@gabriele_jusaityte I see it as more of an exercise in compound returns. The penalty system isn't there so that I can be 'punished'. It's more about integrating #1 maximum productivity vs. just being busy #2 productivity with the biggest returns vs similar effort tasks with less returns #3 maximizing the benefits of compound habits (reinforcing positives and penalizing negatives). Another key goal of the system is to minimize the feeling of lack of accomplishment. If you're interested I can share more info with you.