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Read at least 20 pages of 'The Lean Startup' 📚

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@gabriele_jusaityte Where are you currently in the book? Did you hear about The Startup Way, also by Eric Ries?
@alexdevero I'm almost in the middle, reading the 'Measure' chapter 🤓 And as for 'The Startup Way', I've just checked it on Amazon - would you recommend it?
@alexdevero @gabriele_jusaityte I am not sure I would recommend it. In many ways, it is like reiteration of Lean Startup. The same or similar concepts just said differently. I would rate it 3/5. It is definitely not a must read. Lean Startup is much better.
@alexdevero hah, it did sound very similar in the description, just with an added mention of few big company names 😅 Have you read 'The Hard Thing about Hard Things' by Ben Horowitz?
@alexdevero @gabriele_jusaityte Right on the spot Gabrielė! Lean Startup + BigCompanyName 😂.
@alexdevero @gabriele_jusaityte The Hard Thing about Hard Things? Yes. twice ... some chapters 4x. It is a great book! Have you heard about the upcoming 'What You Do Is Who You Are'?