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Launch a MLP for my startup

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@francisco_chim Good luck man! Is an MLP related to MVPs or what is it?
Hi, @simonemeta yes! but is a terminology that is seeking to improve the real term of a Most viable product to -> Most loveable product, the last term encourage to entrepreneurs to launch something that can hook to users instead of launch a product whit many bugs or failures, doesn't mean that your product needs to be perfect, but closely to a product that can retain a user instead of making close your page, app or dumb your product to trash.
@francisco_chim @simonemeta and thanks for the good wishes men!
@simonemeta @francisco_chim Love the term! Imma steal this and we'll start using it too :D
@simonemeta @francisco_chim Sorry men, the correct term is Minimum loveable product!