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📦 Move Re-Product from DigitalOcean to Linode

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@feriforgacs interesting. I've used both, and now currently on DigitalOcean. Any reason for the move?
@dasongoh all my other sites are on Linode and it looks like that I don't need an extra VPS to run this product. So the main reason is cost-saving :D
@feriforgacs that makes sense. All the best!
@dasongoh thanks :) Btw, I like both of them. DO seems to be much popular and they have a pretty great collection of tutorials for server noobs like myself :D Basically, I use Linode because that's what I knew first. Why did you end up using their services instead of Linode?
@feriforgacs ah I see. I was on Linode for a good number of years. Like you I was there first and setup shop. However I experienced a couple of downtimes (maybe it's just my DC?) and eventually tried DigitalOcean. Turns out that my apps are performing much better on DO servers. Hardware maybe? Both are good but my apps run better on DO. And I use AWS Elastic Beanstalk for my production apps too.