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Publish my first blogpost ✍️

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@feriforgacs Start with just one paragraph. The rest will follow!
@feriforgacs You can do it! Alternative approach: start with a title and two section headings. Don't actually write anything.
@feriforgacs nice, any topic ideas?
@souhailmerroun I left my full time job at the end of the year and I want to summarise why I did that and what I would like to do next.
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@feriforgacs cool, i'd be interested in reading.
@feriforgacs Let me know if you want me to proof read your post 📝
@jamesg_oca that would be great! Thank you James. I'll let you know when it's ready for that 😄
@jamesg_oca my hand is shaking a bit, but here you go: https://docs.google.com/document... Thank you!