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@envisionwithj what are you working on!?
@rrhoover hey ryan! i'm starting a co-working casa for visionaries to design the future of work/learning, build profitable personal brands for themselves + professionals, and facilitate productivity camps for big kids (aka adults). progress update: https://www.patreon.com/posts/21... https://visionary.enterprises btw, just finished listening to your podcast on indie hackers. super inspiring as I'm also a non-technical founder.
@envisionwithj awesome! Side note: it's interesting to see people building tech-enabled products use Patreon. Most of their audience skews toward more creative/artistic fields. I've always wondered if there's room for a tech maker-focused Patreon to exist. 🤔
@rrhoover 💯 yeah, there's definitely room for a tech maker-focused Patreon. Reminds me of Steve Jobs and Apple always crossing tech at the intersection of liberal arts. kickstarter has been launched: http://visionary.casa would love to have your support! we've raised $31 bucks out of our $5k goal. 17 days to go!