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Matt Spurrier@digitalsparky · Developer & Systems Engineer

First commit to painlessdns app - GoBuffalo, Bulma, Buefy, VueJS, PgSQL

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@digitalsparky what is painlessdns about?
@souhailmerroun PainlessDNS in it's essence is a cloud agnostic DNS management and security platform. I'll mainly be focusing on the usability of DNS, making suggestions to ensure users use best practice DNS entries such as DMARC, DKIM, SPF, as well as SSHFP and a bunch of other rules. I'm also focusing on providing the ability to have one click setups for providers, such as indicating you're using Google Apps and have all the DNS entries automatically added and maintaintained. A big feature is that PainlessDNS is cloud agnostic, so you can move between providers without the hastle of having to export and import rules, adjust for proprietary rules (ie: ANAME or ALIAS variants), etc. Another big feature I'm working on is the ability to have record level security rules, so you will be able to restrict a team member or group to maintain a single record or subset of records. This is important in large organisations where departments manage their own subdomains for example, but can also be used to secure API access to an individual record. DNS is a passion of mine, and it is effectively the internet as we know it, without DNS we'd be putting IP addresses into our browsers, there would be no '' or ''. That said, it can be very confusing, especially to get right, so I want to help others and make sure their DNS is setup and maintained correctly. That's the basic overview for now and the scope I'm working on. There is always a chance to expand at a later time, but I need to define a scope first :). Hope that somewhat helps explain it.
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@digitalsparky looks hot! Good luck. Thanks for explaining.