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Install gift options on website

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@dawn_weisenberg_lafontaine Are you thinking gift cards or letting people order without including a receipt in the package?
@abadesi The latter. I've had several people order them as gifts and there is no way for them to indicate that, given the way the current shopping cart is configured. There's some HTML programming involved -- a little out of my wheelhouse at the moment -- but I think I can figure it out eventually. There needs to be a "Is this a gift?" option at checkout (so the packing slip doesn't include pricing) and a chance for buyers to add a gift message to the recipient.
@dawn_weisenberg_lafontaine I understand. I noticed it's a Shopify site, might be worth checking around online whether the questions been asked in forums. I'm sure you're not the first Shopify person who is trying to do this 🙂
@abadesi The forums are a terrific resource, and you are right, this is a common concern among many Shopify store owners. The only solution is apparently a bit of programming. Even the available gift apps don't seem to address this specific issue. How strange!