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Figure out an appropriate podcast name and lock-down thesis (overall goal/message of podcast)

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@david_freiburger What's your thesis? Keen to hear more
@michaelides_j When I say thesis, I think I mean the "why" of my podcast. I asked myself, why would people want to listen? To answer this question, I asked myself why I like the podcasts I currently listen to in the first place! And I came up with: They're insightful (there's knowledge to gain from listening), they're funny/entertaining, and they're motivating. So my thesis is to interview employers of some of the most well known companies to ask about their path, their advice (targeted towards college students), and hopefully our conversations lead to motivation and determination of the people listening, to continue to improve by learning and grow by doing!
@michaelides_j @david_freiburger Interesting - but how will you guarantee humour? Some leaders might be boring
@david_freiburger so the objective is to help students learn more about potential career paths or companies they might want to work for? I could see some interesting potential partnerships/sponsorships here with companies like Glassdoor. Have you asked some college students where they currently go for such info, and what they might want from a podcast (and what would make them want to subscribe and share it)?
@anferneec I'm so sorry I just saw these notifications! This is some great advice, I'm in negotiations w/ a couple of sponsors right now. I think reaching out to Glassdoor may be added to my to-do list, thank you again!
@michaelides_j @abadesi This is such a good point. I'm going to be asking a lot about their college days, and I think I'll be able to pinpoint some funny questions to ask regarding that experience! Other than that, my goal is to really have a warm presence towards them and allow them to open up and be themselves!
@david_freiburger I did a tutorial on creating a podcast from scratch, and included a section on how to find a name:
@mijustin Thank you so much, I'll check it out!