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Focus on community-building

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@claire_sinozich any strategy about this?
@souhailmerroun Currently, I'm just doing a TON of research on how to navigate this. I've never built an online community, so I'm not sure where to start!
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@claire_sinozich hmm I'm kinda in this stage as well. GaryVee seems to know a lot about this topic. You can checkout a few of his latest talks on Youtube. To sum up everything he says => "Before you post, you have be obsessed by the question, are you giving your audience value or do you want to get something from them". And It makes sense.
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@souhailmerroun I've heard positive and negative things about him, but I haven't read/listened to/watched a lot of his stuff - what do you think about him?
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@claire_sinozich I don't like to sum up a person into a good or bad person. I like to take the good and leave the rest. This video should be helpful:
Personally, I'm feeling more inspired to be a Elon rather than an Gary. But I learned some valuable insights from Gary as well.
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