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Curious: Can I hire someone to refine my target market and create personas?

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@chiefoopsmaster why not define it yourself 😉
Honestly, I plan to define it myself. However, I'm only one person and I could really use someone to tell me my assumptions are too broad, too narrow, wrong, or anything else. I know it's easy to work off of my research, but it can make one forget things that may be obvious.
@chiefoopsmaster This is so critical to your company that outsourcing it to someone else seems like a recipe for failure. You need to really understand your market and your personas to make the product, and if you don't you should work on that before you start.
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Thanks for your input. You're 100% correct. Really, I don't think I could lose control enough to let someone else do this. I'm going to change this task to "refine" instead of "define."