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🍏 finalize IF schedule

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@cassidyfein Intermittent fasting? How's it going? I'm five months into my journey and no complaints so far.
@abadesi Not great :/ I've been traveling so often this summer it's been hard to keep a regular schedule. What method(s) are you using? I'm between 5:2 or 16/8
@cassidyfein Are you using any apps to help with your progress? I use an app called Productive to track the daily habits I want to achieve, one of them being to fast for at least 12 hours every day, ideally with a workout before I break fast. For me its been easiest to eat dinner as early as possible then skip breakfast, usually ends up being closer to a 14-16 hour fast. When traveling 12 hours is easier to maintain. I found it Interesting to see studies on IF in women, where are our hormones / mental health is more impacted by longer fasts. I would say stick with it, I've been so impressed by how my body has adapted so I'm sure yours will too. At the same time, its important to listen to your body. Some days I really need to eat and can't fast so I just go with it. I don't weigh myself so don't know if its impacted that but I feel less bloated and more focused in general. Are you noticing any effects yet?