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Learn Vue

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@calumptrck Nice! Where do you plan on learning from?
@amrith Was planning on using the guide on their website. Let me know if you know of any other good resources!
@amrith 🙏Thank you
@calumptrck @amrith yoooo sticking these in my backpocket 🙏🏻thanks!
@calumptrck I've just started using Vue too. Having dealt with React and Angular, I say Vue is magic.
@marcelc63 I'm excited to get started with it, I have no experience with React or Angular though 👀
@calumptrck I don't think you need experience with React or Angular to start Vue. However if you do I feel you'll appreciate what Vue is doing.
@calumptrck I'm learning Vue too. I've spent 2 hours this week reading the docs and a blog post. are you looking at building anything with it soon?
@p_mbanugo I kinda transitioned to learning React for now, and will start learning Vue after. The main goal is to rewrite some of my existing websites using React, and gain a better overall understanding of front end dev!
@calumptrck If you want an easy place to start you should check out