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Calum Patrick@calumptrck · Student at The University of Waterloo

Prepare for interview

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@calumptrck What are you interviewing for?
@fanahova Front end dev internship!
@calumptrck Cool, where, if I may ask? I have never interviewed for front end positions so I can't help you with specific questions prep, but go in the interview thinking that you're an asset. I've seen a lot of junior devs think that the companies are doing them a favor by hiring them, that's not the case. Kick ass and good luck!
@fanahova Would rather keep where private for now, but thanks I really appreciate the advice. The first interview is more of a culture fit thing, and will hopefully move on to the technical interview after!
@calumptrck Good Luck Calum! 👊🏻
@calumptrck Good luck for the interview Calum! 💪Keep us updated